Furniture Design

Multi-functional Coffee Table

The Brief

I was contacted by this client from Dallas in America, to design him a coffee table that could also be used as an ottoman (foot rest). My main concern was to engineer a structure that could take the weight of a person. It's one thing designing a coffee table to hold a cup of tea and the odd magazine, but to design one that would support at least one persons weight is another problem.

What I Did

In the end we kept the design pretty simple, a traditional form was chosen, with a metal framework hidden within that would give the table strength, and also help locate the tiling system I created that would allow the user to change the table to an ottoman when they needed too.

Sketch Concepts

I started of generating ideas with hand drawn sketches to quickly explore potential designs.

3D Computer Models

From the initial sketches I then created computer generated models to gain a 360 degree view point of the designs.

Construction Models

To understand the best way to manufacture the table so it was structurally strong enough I did further sketches and models.

CAD Drawings

Once a construction method was established I then created all the required manufacture ready drawings.

Assembly CAD Drawing

For the factory I also produced a detailed explosion drawing to help the manufacturing process, as it clearly showed the construction of the table.

3D Computer Render

To help visualise the furniture piece futher I created photo-realistic renders.

3D Computer Render

Drawing showing the tiles flipped over to show the full customisation.