Furniture Design

Childrens Flat Pack Furniture


I was brought on board to design and project manage a new contemporary range of childrens flat pack furniture called 'ecol-age'. The main focus of the range was a desk that featured two-faced desktops which flip simply according to mood & activity of a child, eg; a white side for homework and a picture side for play time. All items are designed following a strictly modern aesthetic with clean lines, minimal embellishments & plywood construction.

3D Models

Concept computer models were created to help show the overal design and construction to the client.

CAD Drawings

Detailed manufacturer drawings where then sent to the factory in China for production.

Multifunctional Desk

The ‘ecol-age’ desk is the hub of the range, featuring the two-faced desktops which flip simply according to mood & activity eg white side for homework and picture side for play.

Desk - 'in work mode'

Made from laminated plywood, the finished furniture was of crisp and high quality.

Desk - 'in play mode'

Photo showing the' back drop' up which brings a 3D dimension to the desk where children can .

Moshi Monsters

My client had a license that allowed us to use their imagery and branding.

Printed Tops

With the "back drop" up the child can truly immerse themselves.

Bespoke Print

We also designed a range of generic printed tops, this was a beach scene.

Full Range

Here are a few early design concepts I did for the client to help establish the full range of flat pack childrens furniture. Unfortunately only the desk, chair and stool were taken forward into production due to costing issues.

Lamp CAD Drawing

Here's another example of one of the annotated drawings I sent to the manufacturer.

Explosion Drawings

To accompany the CAD drawings and 3D models I sent across dexplosion drawings that helped explain the construction..