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My Own Sites


Previously over the years I used to freelance as a multidisciplinary designer, working on a huge scope of design projects for small to large scale companies. Below are just a collection of my own personal websites that I used to use over the years to offer my freelance design services (they are pretty dated now, so please forgive the quality of design). I am totally self taught when it comes to coding so I won't pretend they are all perfect, but I am constantly trying to improve this skillset and I used my own personal sites to do so.

This is the 3rd generation of my first ever website, a little dated now as I don't update it. view website

Freelance Furniture

A simple 1 page website I used to advertise my freelance furniture design services. view website

Freelance Website

A very early 1 page website I quickly created to advertise my freelance website design services. view website

Freelance Product

A simple 1 page responsive landing page for my freelance product design service. view website

This was my first attempt at learning responsive design. I still quite like it. view website

This was a simple 1 page landing site I used to target business in my local area (this unfortunately is a template I customised, I used it to experiment using a new framework). view website