I am a ‘Design Swiss Army Knife’; as I feel I have the experience and skills equiped to cope with a wide range of design problems.

A bit about me

Well.. I'm Josh, a 33 year old Designer, gamer, geek, husband and a father (fatherhood is the one I'm most proud of) who finds himself living in the beautiful countryside of Middle England. I am extremely passionate about the world of Design and Technology. I'm also a keen sportsman (I'm no David Beckham or Tiger Woods but I give it a go) I enjoy all sports but specially Football, Tennis, Skiing and Snooker (if you can call it a sport).

I am currently the Lead Designer at one of the leading and award winning telephone communications companies in the UK; mobile phones direct.

If you want to know more, then please go to my linkedin profile

My experience

Since graduating from Kingston University in 2006 after studying Product & Furniture Design (BA hons), I have gone on to work as a creative designer for a Design & Marketing agency, worked as a furniture designer for a traditional furniture manufacturer and worked in London at an interior manufacturers & fitters. And in my "spare time" I have also worked as a freelance multidisciplinary designer.

Due to having a mixed background in terms of gaining experience in many different Design disciplines it's made me incredibly adaptable and versatile with what I can do and offer to the design industry. I really do enjoy what I do; working with large companies, small businesses, individuals and even my nextdoor neighbour. Design is what I'm passionate about and am extremely proud of the fact I have made a career out of what I love doing.


years of life experience


years of industry experience


years freelancing


main design disciplines

I can use these software

I'm pretty proficient in a wide range of computer software's below are just a couple of the main ones.
I'm a fast learner so if there is a particular program you require me to use then I'm more than willing to teach myself the ropes.

Adobe Creative Suite

Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk Inventor

3D Studio Max


Microsoft Packages

Want to create something together?

I am always interested in hearing from like minded people, so if you want to find out more about me, my work or just fancy saying hello, just drop me an email.