Product Design

Product Display Stand


I designed this product display stand for a new dog food brand that was launched by Hills Pet Food. My concept was to have a moveable display unit that could be placed within stores and moved around if needed. I also designed detachable panels to have graphics and branding on them that could be easily removed making them easily updateable.

Initial Renders

Here are a few early design concepts I did for the client to help establish an overal design that they would be happy with to develope.

3D Construction

To help express the idea of interchangeable graphic panels I created this construction model for the clent to help visualise.

Finished Stand

Photo shows constructed stand made from steel box section.

Finished Stand

Photo showing the product stand with graphic panels attached.


Another project I worked on was to design a product display concept for the launch of a new cat food for Christmas. I came up with the idea of a flatpack Christmas tree that could be easily sent to and assembled within the shops. It also had holes in the sides that would hold free samples of the new food that would look like Christmas baubles, with the idea being it would help drive sales.

CAD Drawing

Here is the manufacture drawing I produced to send to a packaging company in the UK to create the initial prototype to see if the concept worked full scale.

3D Render

From the CAD drawing I then produced a quick computer render and applied some graphics to it, to help sell the concept to the client.

Cardboard Prototype

From my 3D renders and design drawings we then produced a flatpack cardboard prototype. Unfortunately this new range of pet food never took off, so the design never made it to full production.