Graphic Design

Print, Branding, Marketing


I worked as an in-house creative designer for a Design Agency in the Midlands for several years were I gained valuable experience in the print industry. Over the year's I have designed a lot of graphical work, including: posters, flyers, logos, marketing material, corporate branding and stationary.

Brochure Design

Example of a brochure design.

Brochure Design

Combining illustration and studio photography.

Menu Design

Retro styled menu design for an Italian resturant and cafe.

Leaflet Design

A simple information and promotional leaflet.

Van Signage

This was a design I produced for a furniture company.

Logo Design

Above is a small collection of some of the logo's I have designed.


An exmple of a full stationary design I have done, including logo, letterheads, comp slips and business cards..

Award Winning Advert

Feels horribly dated now (this was in 2007!) but I'm still very proud of the achievement none the less.

The Award

The award was for 'achieving outstanding readership response'. Due to it's small size (9cm x 11cm).


As with most graphic projects, this one involved large amounts of photo-retouching.

Interior Design

For the launch of a new ice cream brand I designed some wallpaper that featured in their new store.

Lighting and Signage

To accompany the wallpaper I also designed a large menu board and style lighting.