Product Design

1 Litre Bottle

The Brief

In the general marketplace, 1 Litre containers suitable for use with screw closures are all of dated design, one design evolving from another and retaining many of the common features. We look to develop some contemporary designs with enhanced usability.

With various bottle designs currently being distinctly industry-specific, we wish to develop designled alternatives that avoid adopting any industry-specific generics and therefore have potential to appeal to buyers in several different industries as a ‘new style’ for their industry.

My Proposal

After the briefing and some market research I began to work closely with the client to ensure we achieved a design that was attractive and within the limits of manufacture. I mainly focused on organic forms in the hope to create a modern yet functional shape.

I started off with some quick freehand sketches to start generating some shapes and forms, then progressing these in to slightly more detailed drawings. From these drawings I then hand rendered and created 3D computer models of the key designs that the client liked to help visualise the product.

Sketch Concepts

Some initial sketch concepts that I was experiementing with, explorting modern organic forms. These designs were focusing on applying a handle to the bottle..

Sketch Concepts

These were futher sketches exploring the bottle design with no handle.

Developed Sketches

Once a design was chosen I then created futher drawings exploring the bottle from every angle.

3D Model

Working from my hand drawn designs I then created a basic 3D computer model of the chosen bottle design.

Computer Render

From my computer models I applied some quick materials and colouring to the design to help visualise the product to the client. The client didn't choose this particular design but it was my personal favourite.